Birth Planning and Pregnancy Support

  • Birth Planning only (no continuous support): 2 in-person meetings $150

  • Pregnancy Support: 2-3 Prenatal meetings, or as needed, to discuss your birth preferences and options, get to know each other, and write out a birth plan (please feel free to include spouse, partner, or your birth support team)

  • Check-ins via text or phone after each provider appointment

  • Text/Phone/Email support for the duration of your pregnancy

  • Emotional and resource support for any questions or concerns you may have

  • $500

Labor and Birth Doula Support

  • All of the above support, plus:

  • In-person support for both vaginal births and c-sections

  • Texting/phone support from the onset of labor; in-person support from active labor through birth

  • Physical comfort measures, knowledge of positioning, calm and reassuring mental and emotional support and encouragement -- as you need or desire

  • Help settling into postpartum room

  • Gentle, nonjudgmental help with first breastfeeding sessions, if desired 

  • Guidance, reassurance and encouragement learning newborn calming techniques, if needed

  • 2 Postpartum visits at 1-2 weeks after the birth to discuss questions or concerns, talk about birth, address breastfeeding issues, see how you're doing, and chat

  • Continued text/phone/email support for the first few weeks as you adjust to parenthood

  • $800

  • Remote Birth Doula Support: Want a listening ear and words of encouragement, rather than another person in the birth room? All of the above support, but with text/phone support during labor and birth rather than in-person support. $600 (can take clients any time as long as there is availability)

Postpartum Doula Support

  • Prenatal meeting for postpartum plan

  • In-hospital/home meeting immediately following the birth to check in

  • 6 weekly 2-3 hour visits for emotional support, birth processing, newborn care techniques, help with recovery, and breastfeeding help

  • Text/phone/email support as you adjust to parenthood

  • Calm reassurance, a listening ear, and gentle guidance as you get to know your new baby and adjust to life with a newborn

  • I primarily focus on support for mother and baby after birth, especially in terms of recovery, parenting options, and feeding. This is done both in person and through text/phone/email support and education.

  • 6 visits/6 weeks $800, 12 visits/6 weeks $1000, additional weeks $100

Breastfeeding Support

  • Gentle, non-judgmental, in-person support in your own home

  • Help with latching, positioning, engorgement, comfort, supply issues, pumping, etc.

  • $75 first visit, $50 each additional visit

Really want doula support or breastfeeding help, but money is tight?  Contact me and we'll work something out.  No one should ever have to go without doula support because of cost.